How can the Miss give Henna a miss?

If some of you are not familiar with this word- mehendi, then to put it simply, it is just another word for henna. It is that lovely crimson colored semi-permanent tattoo that adorns the hands of beautiful women of all ages in certain parts of the globe. Who doesn’t love those intricate henna tattoo designs?

People in the Middle East, India and Africa are particularly in love with this centuries-old practice. And people in the West are also embracing it since, for them,  this novel art has a lot of scope for creativity! Ladies nowadays embellish many celebrations mandatorily with the mystical henna tattoo designs.

Mehndi is synonymous with happiness and celebrations in many parts of the globe and many of us can’t have enough of it. As tradition goes, Henna was primarily applied on the hands of the bride and groom before their wedding as it possesses cooling and antiseptic properties, hence is believed to help to keep worries and stress levels at bay.

But today mehndi application is not restricted only to weddings. For many women, any and every reason to be happy is the chance to apply henna.  The tattoo trend across the globe has also been instrumental in fueling the henna craze. Earlier it used to be limited to the ethnic floral designs on the hand and feet but now the henna cone is your paintbrush and the body a canvas! Henna has become a creative form of expression. What better than having the liberty to apply it again and again when you desire to. In fact, at many tourist attractions, you find women offering to draw attractive henna tattoos for tourists at a very reasonable price. And you will have ladies, teens and little girls alike, flocking to these skilled henna artists! Such is the craze for henna!

Celebrities like Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Liv Tyler, Xena, and numerous others gladly sport henna. Westerners experiment a lot more with henna than Indians, Pakistanis or people from the Middle East. And it does not take a lot of time for new trends in henna to go viral.  The latest henna trend that took the internet by storm was Bollywood actress, Sonam Kapoor sporting henna filled hands during the Cannes 2018.

The mystical aroma of mehndi, the timeless intricate designs, the scope to experiment with it, the various occasions that demand its application and the temporary duration of its stay on the body is what makes it attractive and so loved by women. So whenever you happen to be in Abu Dhabi and intend to get some lovely henna tattoo designs made, Beautiful Henna Centre in Mushrif is the place to be! After all, how can the Miss give Henna a miss?

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