The more you know, the more you love!

We all love henna; be it the best way to express ourselves in the form of henna tattoo art or to grace our beauty with the help of a simple henna design.

These are the only few things which we generally know about henna but it will excite you when you know that along with all the good and joyful things henna also has plenty of medical, herbal and natural properties.

  • One of the main reasons why henna is applied to the bride is to relieve her from the wedding stress.
  • While Henna cools down the body, refines the texture of the nails and uplifts the mood due to its soothing fragrance, it is also considered as natural sun block.
  • Henna has high antiseptic properties and it can also prevent from viral diseases.

Aren’t you loving it more; already?

When it comes to design there are many variations and types of henna designs available these days, such as Arabic design, Indian designs and Pakistani designs etc.

The fun fact about henna is; it generates its color gradually within 24 hours from the time of removal. We all must have noticed it that the henna color moderately becomes darker and richer the other day.

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