Henna Tattoo – The temporary permanent love!

Some wise man said celebrities are not the one who are rich and famous, rather they are the ones who celebrate each day of their life with full throttle. And we believe in what he said! That’s why at beautiful henna centre we celebrate each day of our work, each design that we do and each art that we create, and yes with each guest that we serve at our centre.

You might think why we do it that way, it’s because the design of henna fades through time, that’s how it is – all good things come with an expiry date. But we want our guests to remember the memory of the good time of having the henna done at our centre.

The tradition of henna painting is becoming popular every passing day, because tattooing has become very popular in last few years. Like a tattoo or other body arts today henna is also viewed the same way, a body painting for joyful events. When henna is applied on hands & feet, the body becomes a canvas for patterns of scrolls, swirls, vines and flowers.

Usually the designs of mehndi are quite intricate and mostly applied to brides before wedding ceremonies and in some countries even bridegroom is also painted with henna. In Arabic and Persian speaking countries, it is done for special occasion like engagements, weddings, news of pregnancy, childbirth, family get-togethers, as well as many other occasions where people celebrate with their family & friends.

Unlike full fledged henna designs, henna tattoos are more fun thing and easy to carry. Temporary henna tattoos have become very famous in wedding events and other family events and gatherings. Although these casual traditional-mod fusions of henna art are temporary, but they will become your permanent love if you have it once at beautiful henna centre. Bet!

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