January Offer

Happy New Year!!!
It’s that time of the year when so many of us start making resolutions to change a certain area or multiple areas in our lives. Maybe we have some extra pounds to shed or turn vegan or say goodbye to booze. New Year’s resolutions range from simple desires to seemingly full-proof-plans for extensive life change.

Every year, people ring in the New Year with goals to live life differently on some level and so do us. This year at beautiful henna centre we plan to do a little different for our guests. It can be either be different warmth while welcoming you or an engaging conversation while we pamper you or a pleasing smile while seeing you off or it can be a little extra service or little extra discount it can be anything but it will be a pleasantly different promise!

So let us walk our talk by offering a special discount, Visit Beautiful Henna Centre on every Sunday to enjoy various services at Flat 15% OFF throughout the month of January.

Hurry up and book your appointment now.

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  • All offers are applicable throughout January.
  • Offers cannot be clubbed with any other offer.

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