Diwali Festive Offers 2020

Diwali Festive Offers 2020 Are Here!!!

Celebrate this Diwali with some extra gleam and glamour. Make the most of our Diwali Festive Offers 2020 on henna and beauty packages, and get the best compliments from your friends & family.

Beauty Packages:

Package 01: AED 125*
Full Hands, Full Legs, Eyebrows Threading, Under Arms, Upperlips Threading

Package 02: AED 150*
Basic Facial, Face Bleach, Eyebrows Threading, Upperlips Threading

Package 03: Short Hair AED 175* / Long Hair AED 200*
Blow Dry, Makeup

Package 04: AED 250*
Makeup + Hairstyle

Henna Offers: 01

Both Hands (Front & Back) Upto Wrist

Indian Henna (with figure work) – starts at AED 125 (Instead of AED 175)

Indian Henna (no figure work) – starts at AED 100 (Instead of AED 150)

Henna Offers: 02

Arabic Henna (both hands) – starts at AED 60 (Instead of AED 80)

Indo Arabic Henna (both sides) – starts at AED 80 (Instead of AED 120)

Terms & Conditions:

  • All prices exclusive of VAT.
  • Offers valid from 12th Nov to 14th Nov 2020.
  • All rights reserved to the management of Beautiful Henna Centre.
  • To avoid any inconvenience kindly make a prior appointment with us.
  • T&C Apply.

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