Henna – A Cool Stylish Thing!

Is anyone out there who’s not with us when we say henna is a cool stylish thing? Of course there won’t be anyone coz henna is such a cool thing to wear.

Have you ever thought what makes henna a cool stylish thing? Let’s figure out…

Henna as a beauty accessory has a rich history and has always been given a graceful place in many customs and traditions. It has been favoured since the time immemorial coz of its flexibility and convenience of application. Off late henna has become very popular and known as henna tattoo; as it can be used as a “test-drive” for an actual inked tattoo, or just as a temporary form of expression. It looks appealing and goes pretty well with both modern as well traditional fashion trends.

Why Henna is a perfect blend of style and tradition?

Henna is the perfect choice for you if you want a stylish tattoo for a short time or you want to wear it for little longer on some traditional occasions.

Henna has cooling properties

Henna also has cooling properties; that is why henna is more popular in hot regions like middle east, Africa, India, and Pakistan.

You’ll never get bored coz it’s so stylish

Every country has their own henna styles/designs; for instance Indian henna, Pakistani henna and Arabic henna each of these henna styles/designs are different. The biggest advantage of henna is this that it gives you plenty of choices and selections to choose from in terms of style and design. And these day it is also possible to have henna with different colour shades.

Beyond cool and stylish it has a few more highlighting attributes:

Henna is natural

It is completely made of natural ingredients, thus they are safe and risk-free. You could apply them as much as you want to without having to worry about any harmful side-effects.

Henna has healing features

Natural henna is also known to have healing features such as therapeutic tendencies that help to soothe the skin and make it healthier.

So, isn’t it a cool and stylish thing?

If you too want to have this cool & stylish thing on your hands or body just click here and book your appointment.

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