Dos and Don’ts Before & After a Henna Session

Often we hear people complain about their dull henna color or henna not lasting for long.

As much as making the henna tattoo is an art; keeping the tattoo for longer and ensuring that it comes out thick and dark is also an art.

Well; there’s no one word answer to why this happen. It just happens and there could be many reasons behind it like;

  1. If you wash your hands multiple times a day
  2. If you bathe for long or swim (the high levels of chlorine in pool water can lighten the henna stain)
  3. If you exfoliate or scrub the henna stain
  4. If you remove the henna paste too soon
  5. If you remove the henna paste with water

Apart from these, temperature also plays a very crucial role in the henna stain process. If a person tends to have cold hands, feet, it effect the henna colour, or if you spend most of your time in a cool environment then also it fades away.

An artist’s job is done as soon as the tattoo is finished; she might share some tips as well but it is your job to follow the after care to get the desired colour.

In case your henna artist never shared the after care regime; here are some of the dos and don’ts for you to take care of your henna:

Dos and don’ts before & after a henna session:

  1. Don’t apply any oil, creme, gel or lotion before applying henna, coz color develops best on bare skin.
  2. Don’t do waxing, bleach or Moroccan bath same day before henna so as to avoid any reaction or allergies since the pores would be open.
  3. Don’t go for tan after henna as it can burn the skin and leave permanent marks.
  4. Don’t wash the henna for 2-3 hours after removing it.
  5. Leave the henna till it dries & then just scrape it off once it starts falling off. Don’t wash.
  6. Apply olive oil or Vaseline after removal of henna for the color to deepen and darken.
  7. For making the colour grow dark faster, you can use Vicks.
  8. In case, you are doing laser treatment for hair removal, avoid having a session on the same day as henna.
  9. Don’t do henna in case you have rashes, itching or any other skin irritation.

 Hope this article was helpful. Do share your thoughts below.

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