5 tips to get perfect henna color

We can’t deny the fact that a perfect henna color is the real treat for the eyes. Generally it is said that the color of henna is minutely depended on the warmness of the hands but here we have few simple tips and tricks to break all these myths.

Follow any of them for that perfect rich appealing henna color:

  • Don’t apply any oil, hand serum or cream before getting henna on. Normally people apply these to get darker color but it’s time to burst all those myth bubbles.
  • Keep henna on your hands or the body parts undisturbed till the time it is dried.
  • Sweep off the henna when dried completely and don’t wash your hands for good 2 or 3 hours.
  • Later apply oil, any petroleum jelly or balm to give your hands that warmth.
  • Give some Clove smoke to your hands.

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