Smile a while with a new hairstyle!

Hair is one of the marvels of nature, I must say. No matter how many times you trim it or just let it be, it will do its job of growing. Hair and nails are two things that allow you maximum scope for creativity and experimenting with your look. Your hair is an extension of you, literally, and also in a way that it speaks a lot about your personality. Either you are Miss prim and proper with neat hair and a no-frills hairstyle or you are a rocker chic with bold hair color or that babe with a messy hairstyle which screams-I don’t care what you think about me, I make my own rules!


If you ever want to revamp your look, the first thing you do is to run some tests and trials on your hair. Don’t you? You either cut it short or take the leap of faith and cut bangs or maybe add some color to it.  Life is ever changing and is constantly expecting new things from you. Your roles keep changing, from a student to a professional to maybe a wife or a mother and so on. With an evolving you, your hairstyles evolve. It is your job to keep boring hair at bay and keep the look of your hair forever exciting!


One person playing a major role here is your hairstylist. A good hair stylist is like the perfect chai you desire, he or she just has to be flawless at his/her job! It is important to have a hairstylist that understands you, your needs and understands the nuances of cutting and styling your hair. To an extent, your personality becomes your hairstylist’s responsibility.


About a decade ago, you just had to visit one salon to cater to all your needs. But now the hair industry has taken the world by storm. Colouring and styling is not a simple affair anymore.  And the amazing thing here is that in the worst of situations, if you do not like your new hairstyle or if you think that red is too bold for you, you can just cut your hair short and wait for it to grow back. What cannot be undone can be redone into something more mind-blowing! That is exactly why I said that hair is one of the marvels of the world.


Earlier only the Americans had the fortune of being labelled as a redhead, blonde or maybe a brunette. But now anyone can be anything, so why wait for a makeover? If you are in Mushrif, Abu Dhabi, you already know where to come for the perfect hair job – The Beautiful Henna Centre.

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