What makes a Moroccan Bath, mystical?

What makes a Moroccan Bath mystical?

Once in a while, do you experience this extreme urge to shut off from the pulsating world around you and soak into tranquility? The fast-paced life and the never-ending hustle and bustle often deprives us of the very essential “ME” time. Your body is considered worth worshiping and a place of worship needs some relaxation and cleansing too. Doesn’t it? Cleansing and rejuvenation are the primary care your body desires and deserves.

Much before the modern-day spas emerged and gained fame, traditional methods of body cleansing and relaxation have been popular all around the world in differed forms. Moroccan Bath or Hammam Maghribi is one such age-old practice that helps in body revitalization.

This mystical method of bathing and massage makes you feel royally pampered after a long tiring day at work or after trudging out in the heat and dust!

The nurturing and skilled touch of a professional therapist goes beyond the realm of mere bodily relaxation. It calms your mind and soul.

The perfect hair and body rinse with a special Moroccan soap, to nourish your skin, marks the beginning of the Hammam Maghribi routine. Using a loofah, the effective scrubbing done by the masseuse, while you sit in a room full of steam, helps your body get rid of the dirt and dead skin cells. Every pore of your body relaxes and heals.

Post the efficient scrubbing process, the mask applied to your entire body stimulates the body’s waste to rise up to the surface which is then eliminated using another mask. All this while you are still in a “feel-good” state with the steam in the room de-stressing you.

As the mask is washed off and the blissful therapy comes to an end, you do not even realize that an approximate of 60 minutes is over! All you can wish for is these heavenly moments would never end.

The Moroccan Bath not only revitalizes and exfoliates your skin leaving it refined and relieved, but it also harmonizes your mind, body and soul. Improved blood circulation, muscle relaxation and boosting the overall functioning of the muscles and tissues is an added advantage of this therapy. A holistic process of unwinding! Isn’t it?

So what are you waiting for? It is time to take a break from your neck-breaking tasks of office or home. Pamper yourself for an hour or two and drown in some luxe and comfort. If you are in Abu Dhabi and based out in Mushrif or plan to visit Mushrif, do not miss the opportunity to pamper yourself at Beautiful Henna Centre.

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