Henna is Happiness and Beauty is Bliss

Henna, the word that is associated with everything ornate and auspicious. When we hear the word Henna or even Mehndi as it is popularly known across many countries is synonymous with celebrations. We need not mention that this is a centuries-old practice and is a vital part of many cultures across the globe. In many cultures, henna is compulsorily applied in weddings to the bride and in some countries to the groom as well. Times for festivals and weddings are times for henna.

Henna was primarily applied to the hands and legs but now has become trendier with time; people apply it on the arms, the hip, the belly button, and everywhere where you think it will bring out your beauty. Henna does not limit your choices. Whether you wish to paint your entire hand with henna or just a wish for a small bouquet of flowers this time, is all up to you. Henna allows you flexibility. Revel in Ramadan festivities with the green paste of henna.

The varied red hues of henna symbolize everything fortunate. Henna is not limited to a select few. This is one tradition that it is equally popular amongst classes and masses and hence during times of Eid you see every all the women adorning their hands with this wonderful tattoo, be it a small girl or an elderly woman.

In this holy and divine month of Ramadan, you see sunsets coming alive with Iftar gatherings. And another thing that adds to the beauty of Ramadan is henna. The one thing that binds the people celebrating Ramadan is mehndi. As the holy month nears its end and people gear up to celebrate Eid, every other woman’s hand is red basking in the glory of festivities. And if in this festive month you happen to be in Abu Dhabi, and even better the Mushrif area, you know where to visit for that ravishing Ramadan mehndi.

The celebration doesn’t just end there when you visit Beautiful Henna Centre. You can also enjoy other services like Moroccan Bath (Hammam Magrabhi), Manicure, Pedicure, Body Spa, Body Massage, Threading, Waxing, Bleach, Facial Treatments, Hair Styling, Hair Colouring, Hair Henna, Hair Treatments and last but not the least you can achieve an amazing makeover for your Ramadan celebrations with our makeup services too!

So, don’t you agree with what we said; Henna is happiness and beauty is bliss?

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