Give yourself an exquisite facial, coz your skin needs a workout too!

Have you ever reflected upon the fact that you tend to pay special attention to the health and beauty of your skin, especially the face, only when there is a special occasion on the cards?

A visit to a beauty salon, to help you glow with some facial, tops your checklist! An upcoming birthday, wedding, anniversary or reunion urge you to indulge in an elaborate beauty regime so that you can make heads turn at your special event.


However, pampering your face once in a blue moon leads to short-term benefits and results. It is essential to follow a regular and meticulous health routine for your face just like you follow a regular fitness routine for your entire body. A regular cleansing and relaxing routine for the face ensures it stays unblemished, youthful and glowing eternally. Who doesn’t wish to look sweet sixteen forever?


A deep soothing facial is one such skin care routine, that beauty experts recommend, to keep your face soft, supple and fresh! Basic or advance, a facial is laden with multiple benefits. It can be customised as per one’s skin type and hence it aptly deals with the particular concerns of the skin, thereby beautifying it. Mild acne, tan, pigmentation, dullness, dryness etc can be fixed with a relaxing facial.


An elaborate facial includes many stages of purifying the skin. How does an exquisite facial well-being of your skin? Cleansing the face helps in getting rid of the superficial traces of dust, makeup etc. Once the nature of your skin is evaluated, exfoliating it helps in scrubbing away the dead skin and opening up the pores for deep cleaning. Extraction of blackheads, whiteheads etc, that may have formed because of clogged pores or excess oil, is then performed. The cleansing, exfoliation and extraction process is followed by a long rejuvenating and relaxing massage. At the end of it a custom mask is applied, suiting your skin type to leave it hydrated and oozing with freshness!


Does this beauty routine not sound effective and comforting, both? It is an amazing way to unwind from one’s life’s routine tasks while treating your face to a reinvigorating therapy. A facial produces best results when performed by a professionally trained aesthetician at a beauty salon. If you are on a lookout for a well-equipped salon, skilled beauty professionals, top-notch cosmetic products and an appealing ambience in the Mushrif area of Abu Dhabi, then the Beautiful Henna Centre is where you need to be! Gift yourself a marvellous facial, because your skin needs a workout too!

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