A massage or two; ensure a healthy, happy you!

“I need no massage” Said NO human ever!!!

Mention the word “massage” and you can already feel every cell of your body easing up. If the very thought of indulging in a rejuvenating body massage and spa can de-stress you, imagine how much the actual massage session would leave you relaxed. Long hours at the office, back-breaking chores at home, tiresome travels, exhausting sports activities- the reasons that tax your body are endless.


After days and days of drudgery in an urban life, you finally need to unwind and pamper yourself. Don’t you? And what better than to steal some moments of peace and let a professional give you a luxurious body massage.


Different people prioritise massage differently. For some it is a vital stress buster. For some it is just a means to achieve that forever glowing skin. For some it relieves pain and for some it is merely a way to loosen up a bit! Whatever be the reason, a massage or two is only going to benefit you.

Here’s how a body massage and spa benefits you:

Physically and psychologically, over a period of time, regular sessions of body massage help in maintaining one’s overall well being. For aeons, it has been a well-known fact that a deep body massage aids in relaxing a strained body. Not only does it relax the tissues of the body and de-stress it, to some extent it also helps in overcoming anxiety, panic, depression etc.


If advised by a medical practitioner, a massage can also help in the very crucial post-surgical rehabilitation. A body massage may assist in enhancing the flexibility in the body, joint movements, blood circulation, tissue regeneration, muscle relaxation, reduce swelling etc.


If you are an avid sportsperson, a fitness freak, an athlete or someone at that stage of life where a knee, hip or back frequently hurts- then a body massage is just so apt for you. A massage can help you heal, stay in motion, keep the muscle tension at bay, keep you flexible and rested. It helps you perform better at your sport, in your exercise routines and even your mundane chores that may seem so tough if your body is stiff and in pain.


Massages help detoxify. They help us get rid of the bodily wastes and blockages by restoring and improving the blood circulation along with the body’s metabolism.


Feeling tired and sick all the time? Massages are known to boost energy and immunity. They help in eliminating the feeling of fatigue, stimulate the energy zones of your body and help the body build resistance against illnesses.


A luxurious body massage that also acts as an anti-ageing remedy resulting in a youthful, glowing skin! What else can you ask for? Regular body massages tighten the skin and also keep it radiant.


Massage sessions are a blessing in this era of fast-paced and erratic lifestyles where generally people tend to overtire themselves. By now, you sure are looking forward to a soothing body massage and spa! If you are at Mushrif in Abu Dhabi, then the massage therapists at The Beautiful Henna Centre will leave no stone unturned to make your massage session a magical one!

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