How to Remove Henna Tattoo Naturally at Home?

Henna tattoos are a fun and safe way to explore body art without pain or commitment. It’s been in trend; for ages now, in India and Middle East to decorate the body, and now it has become famous all over the globe.

We’re sure no one would deny if we say, “The rich dark colour of henna and the beautiful designs are a real treat for the eyes”.

Since henna is not permanent so it starts fading off after few weeks, it takes nearly 2 weeks to get the stain disappear completely.

Unfortunately there is no readymade product available to remove the henna colour, like a nail paint. So, you’re left with only two options, either you get an exact same design again or wait for the henna to fade off completely.

But waiting for 2 weeks is like 🙁 And wearing the same design again is 👎. Don’t worry, we’ve got you some solutions which will fasten the fading process.

Here are the tips to remove henna tattoo naturally:

Dip your hands in warm water:

Take a bowl of warm water, dip your hands in it for 4-5 minutes. Then rub them against each other. Do it for at least 2-3 times a day. This process fastens the henna colour fading.

Wash your hands frequently:

Washing your hands frequently will help you lose the colour faster. But remember washing the hands many times will make them dry so it is advisable that you use a moisturizer whenever your hands start to get dry.

Rub lemon juice:

Squeeze a few drops of lemon on your palms and rub them together. Lemon has bleaching properties which will help in the discoloration of the henna.

Try some hair conditioner:

Do same as you did with the lemon juice; drop some hair conditioner on the palms and rub them together to fasten the discolouring process.

P.S.  Henna colour fades away naturally. So, we advice to not use any extreme method which may permanently damage the skin.

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