Where is your exact location, please?

We are located on the Villa 141, Near Vietnam Embassy, Street 23 (Salama Bint Butti Street), Between Khaleej Al Arabi and Shaikh Rashid Bin Saeed Street, (Old Airport Road) Mushrif, Abu Dhabi. UAE.
For assistance you can call us on +971 2634 3963 / +971 2632 1644.

Can I book my appointment online?

: Yes you can, here is the link www.beautifulhennacentre.com/book-your-appointment/

Do you have a beauty salon in the same building as that of the henna centre?

Yes, we do have a beauty centre and it’s on the same floor as well.

Do you accept card payment?

Yes, we do.

Do you have any other services besides henna?

We have all beauty services, i.e. Mani – Pedi, Threading, Waxing, Hair etc.  For more information please refer to our beauty section.

Do you have branch in Dubai?

No, we don’t have any other branches.

Q: Do you provide any courses?

No, we don’t provide any courses.

What time do you open?

Our henna centre is open from 9.30 am to 9.00 pm on Saturday till Thursday. And on Fridays, we are open from 10.00am to 9.00 pm.

Do I need to book an appointment before coming in to the henna centre?

You can take an advance appointment or if on the same day, you can walk in and it would be first come first serve. You can call +971 2634 3963 / +971 2632 1644 for appointments and more queries or alternatively you can book your appointment online on our website, here is the link www.beautifulhennacentre.com/book-your-appointment/

Do you provide home service in Abu Dhabi?

Yes, we provide home service in all over the UAE, but we charge extra for the same.

How earliest can be my appointment in the morning?

9:45 am can be the first appointment. But you need to pre-book your appointment.

What’s the price for full hand henna?

The normal Arabic design starts at AED 80 for both hands front and back and Indian designs start at AED 150.

What are the prices for applying henna on both hands?

Prices start at AED 80 onwards for both hands. Please call +971 2634 3963 / +971 2632 1644 for more details.

Q: How much will it cost for one hand front side? and how long it takes?

The rate for a single side would start from AED 20 onwards. It can take anywhere between 15 to 30 minutes depending on the design and of course if there are people waiting before you.

How much do you charge for both hands both sides and feet?

For hands and feet our charges start from 170 AED onwards. You can call us on +971 2634 3963 / +971 2632 1644 for more details.

What are the charges for bridal henna?

For bridal henna, we charge AED 1250 for full hands and legs up to the knees including the bridal room at the salon.

Do you do henna for private parties?

Yes, we do henna for private events/parties. Our charges for the same are AED 300 per guest (lady) per hour.

Shall I Take Any Precautions After A Henna Treat?

Preferably, henna has to be taken care of by not putting it in water for at least the same day. Technically, henna is orange in color when applied and the colour darkens in the next 24 hours. This process can be hampered by washing the henna. So we advise not to expose the henna to water for a prolonged time like in swimming.

Do you have black henna?

No, we don’t have black henna as it is strictly banned by health authorities. We advise our clients not to use it as it could be very hazardous.

Do you have white henna?

No, We don’t actually do the white henna paste but we do have white tattoo stickers that look fabulous, are easy to do, and extremely cheap.

Is your Henna natural?

Our henna is pure henna powder mixed with essential henna oils. No chemicals added from our side. Our henna is also approved by the municipal authorities.

Do you do belly painting?

Yes, we do belly painting.

Where can I see your henna designs?

You can have a look at a few of our designs in our website’s gallery section and you can also visit our Facebook page and Pinterest board.

How many days the henna lasts?

It lasts anywhere between one to two weeks depending on your skin.

Do you do henna tattoos for men?

Sorry, ours is a female henna, beauty and spa centre.

How Much Do You Charge For Haircut?

Haircut prices start at AED 40 onwards depending on the style.

Do you do nail art also?

No, we don’t do nail art yet. We only do manicure & pedicure for nails.

Do you have any hair treatments? If yes then, how much you charge and How long it takes ?

We have 3 types of organic hair treatments, argan keratin, collagen, and protein. All make hair smoother and also straight up to an extent.

Charges depend on the type and length of your hair, which we can determine only after seeing your hair.

The treatments normally take like 3 to 4 hours depending on your hair length and texture.

How Much Will It Cost For A Hair Trimming?

Hair trimming prices start from AED 30 onwards, depending on the cut of your hair. Please call +971 2634 3963 / +971 2632 1644 for more details.

Do you provide spa services for men?

NO, ours is strictly a ladies only salon.