Waxing Works Wonders!

Though considered an integral aspect of a complete beauty routine, the mention of the term “waxing” usually brings up a feeling of an “ouch”! However, it is advisable to overcome your waxing worries and rather reap its benefits. There was a time, decades ago, when bodily hair was considered just another natural element of your body. People barely thought of getting rid of it to enhance their physical beauty.

However, with the changing times and evolving trends in the beauty industry, most people are fascinated by the idea of a hairless body! Women, especially, have increasingly developed a desire to have no visible hair on their hands, legs, torso etc. Removal of unwanted and excess hair is now considered imperative to acquire a youthful and radiant look. Apart from giving a pretty, neat and squeaky clean look, a smooth skin with no hair is definitely a style and beauty statement.

It is generally recommended to indulge in a waxing session at the hands of a trained professional in a beauty salon. However, if done skillfully and efficiently by a trained beautician, it feels less uncomfortable and has a long-lasting effect.

Apart from the fact that waxing out the unwanted hair from your body gives you the liberty to dress up in the apparels of your choice, there are many more deeper benefits of waxing that many of us may not be aware of. We list down a few benefits of waxing below:-

  1. Waxing helps in exfoliating the skin. Along with the unwanted hair, the dead and dry skin is done away with and the pores are exfoliated. Skin feels even and fresh.
  2. The texture of the skin improves. It becomes softer, cleaner and smoother.
  3. A few waxes contain ingredients that benefit the skin – like aloe vera, chocolate, butter etc. These help in improving the texture and overall health of the skin.
  4. Unlike the other harsh hair removal creams available in the market, wax is usually considered gentle on the skin. There are rare chances that it may cause an allergy, reaction, redness or irritation. Even if there is a break out (on a sensitive skin), it goes away in no time with almost negligible treatment.
  5. Unlike shaving, waxing does not lead to any sort of cuts or bruises. It pulls out the hair from the root without hurting the skin.
  6. Since the hair is pulled out from the root during a waxing session, your skin does not feel rough or have tiny prickly hair popping out within a few days. The effect of a waxing session lasts for long and the unwanted hair is gone for quite some time!
  7. Even when the hair grows back, it is fine and soft. Not thick and rough like the ones that grow back after shaving. Hence, it causes very less or almost no irritation on the skin.

We, at the Beautiful Henna Centre in Mushrif, Abu Dhabi well understand these underlying benefits of waxing and hence provide the finest waxing services to you that are both cost and time effective.

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